Ramping Up Access – Event Archive

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In honor of Disability Cultural Month in October, the Disability Cultural Initiative (DCI) invited members of the Georgetown University community to build a lego ramp in red square every other Thursday of October 2022. Ramping Up Access was created to expand ideas of access across campus, and introduce community members to ways of making classrooms, clubs, offices, and campus more accessible to our disabled community members.

You can still get involved by visiting our “Ramping Up Access” google document, which includes a scavenger hunt where you search for 10 items that appear in the ramp, and 5 ways to make your classroom, club, or community more accessible. The LEGO ramp is currently on tour, displayed across Georgetown to celebrate our Disability Cultural Initiative.

Photos of the Creation Process:

Lego Ramp Tour

Red House

On a table in Red House, sits the Lego Ramp with a bouquet of lego flowers behind it.

SFS Office

In front of the SFS office, sits the lego ramp pedestaled near a statue of a women posing in ballet holding onto a chair.

President’s Office

On the floor of the President's office sits the lego ramp

Leavey 5

In the Leavey 5 office, sits the lego ramp on a small round table between two grey chairs

Center for Research and Fellowships (CRF)

In the Center for Research and Fellowship office, sits the lego ramp on a table.

Lauinger Library

In Lauinger library sits the lego ramp on top of a table with a blue table cloth. There are three people looking at the ramp (on the left someone holds a half sheet paper, in the middle someone is pointing at the ramp, on the right the person is also pointing at the ramp).