Who Should I Contact with my Disability-Related Question?

I am a…

Georgetown Employee who needs

Disability Accommodations

To submit a discrimination or harassment complaint


To plan a disability event

To file a bias report

To talk confidentially with a neutral party

To talk confidentially with a neutral party (School of Medicine)

Disability Employee Resource Group

The mission of the Disability ERG is to cultivate a community support system, offer professional development and resources, and provide opportunities for disabled employees at Georgetown University. 

The Disability ERG values disability as a central part of intersectional identity, and seeks to provide a diverse, inclusive, accessible community where disability is not only tolerated, but celebrated. We seek to embody collaborative, flexible, and equitable practices that value our interdependence as a community. We welcome anyone to participate in the Disability ERG, regardless of how individuals identify, or how public that identity is in our common workplace. We commit to maintaining the vulnerability of our group by not disclosing anyone’s status outside of our gatherings.

Please visit IDEAA’s Website for more information.